The Top 10 Traits of a Master Networker – Part Two

Dr. Ivan Misner, CNN anointed “Father of Networking” and Michelle Donovan, co-author of The 29% Solution, one of the best books on networking and referral-building, identified 10 traits of a Master Networker from an international survey of seasoned networkers. If you missed Part One of our Two Part series you can read it by clicking here.

Please see below for their findings and comments, ranked in order of their importance from Trait #6 – #10:


6. Commitment to Networking 24/7. Master networkers are never formally off duty. Master networkers take advantage of every opportunity that’s presented to them on a daily basis. They operate in the “Giver’s Gain” mindset and are first and foremost looking for opportunities for the people in their network.

7. Gratitude.Thanking others at every opportunity will help you stand out from the crowd. Expressing sincere gratitude to the people who will one day be there to help you is not just a courtesy – it’s the right thing to do.

8. Helpfulness. Master networkers keep their eyes and ears open for opportunities to advance other people’s interests. They offer to help others whenever they can, because they authentically want to help. It’s as simple as that. Master networkers get joy out of helping other people succeed.

9. Sincerity. You can offer the help, the thanks, the listening ear but if you aren’t sincerely interested in others, it will show – and they’ll know it! Those who have developed successful networking skills convey their sincerity at every turn.

10. Dedicated to Working One’s Network. As mentioned previously, it’s not net-sit or net-eat – it’s net-WORK, and master networkers don’t let any opportunity to work their networks pass them by. They set up appointments to get better acquainted with new contacts and learn as much about them as possible, so they can truly become part of another’s networks.

I hope that you have enjoyed the list of Top Ten Traits of Master Networkers as determined by a survey of seasoned networkers from around the world, reviewed in The 29% Solution.

I have created an evaluation form by which you can grade yourself according to the Top Ten Traits. Please reach out to me at any time at, I will be happy to share it with you.

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