The Power of PASSION

Passion, once such a forbidden topic, has become an important word in the business dictionary.

This word, banned in the Victorian era, is now being used on Canadian milk cartons brought to us by a major supplier of dairy foods, Saputo. “Our New Look Reflects Our Passion” is the proud proclamation used in the announcement of the company’s packaging upgrade—demonstrating how far we have progressed with the recognition of this critical word in life and business. Bankers, accountants, alternative providers of business funding, lawyers, consultants and, most certainly, coaches, understand that all successful business owners must have passion for their business.The passion usually comes from a deep desire to solve the problem around which the business’s products or services have been developed. Sometimes, however, the requisite passion for the business may come from the business owner’s burning drive for independence, massive success, fulfillment of a family legacy, or a combination of all three. Whatever the reason, and there is always a deep-seated reason to uncover, the business owner must find his or her passion, package it appropriately using the Planning Ladder concepts, and share the story of their passion, whenever they can.

This is the all-important “Why” that Simon Sinek writes about in his well-known book entitled, Start With The Why ( His Ted Talk How Great Leaders Inspire Action also speaks to the importance of connecting, and articulating, your “why.” Think of it this way: are you going to be more engaged with a business owner who really cares about the service or product that they provide, or with a person who is merely going through the motions?
Don’t be surprised about what you learn about yourself when your business is plugged into the passion of your being. To quote a line from the movie, Flashdance, “Find your passion – and make it happen!” Your tribe will be able to pick up your authenticity a mile away. On or off line!

A Personal Marketing Playbook (PMP) Must Do: Make sure that your passion and your business are precisely aligned and articulated.

Watch for my next blog post where I’ll delve into “The Vision Thing”.






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