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Referral Tip #30 – The “I’m an Introvert” Saboteur

Last week’s “Gift of the Gab” Sales Call Saboteur addressed the myth that business professionals need to have the “Gift of the Gab” in order to succeed at creating new clients for their practice.

We established in the tip that, in fact, the opposite was true.

To assume that the business professional should do all the talking, especially about the unique nature of their practice and services offering, is quite simply a Saboteur.

A Saboteur is a thought or assumption about creating and securing revenue that does not serve the business professional – at all.

There are literally hundreds of thoughts and negative perceptions of the referral-building and sales process that prevent the business professional from securing the revenue they deserve.

If any of these Saboteurs are embraced, in whole or in part, these thoughts will and do prevent business professionals from stepping into their greatness and creating the lifestyle of their dreams.

A very common Saboteur, that is quite lethal, is:

“I am an introvert, therefore I can’t be effective
in the new client development process”


This Saboteur, a sibling to the “Gift of the Gab” Sales Saboteur, assumes that there is some type of magic or mystery to revenue generation.

..that only business professionals with special powers and personalities can be “rainmakers” and find their ideal, or signature clients.


It is simply another dangerous Saboteur.

If there is a secret sauce to selling, it is no more mysterious than a recipe from a Julia Child cookbook.

The ingredients, the method and the execution are there for all of us to take, implement and produce a final product of which we can be proud.

Does it take time, motivation and focus to develop either of these skills? Of course.

Isn’t that the case with any endeavour worth pursuing?

And, really, what quest could be more important than learning about and developing the referral and sales process for growing a practice?

The “I’m an Introvert” Saboteur reminds the business professional that they are not the type of person who seeks out a public forum or who likes to do presentations or even bring attention to themselves when there are a number of people gathered at a networking function.

How could they possibly do well at revenue generation, aka sales, when they are an “Introvert”, they ask?

Again, the public myth is the opposite of the private reality.

In fact, introverts have many advantages over their extrovert colleagues when it comes to both referral-building and the sales process.

Introverts are natural-born listeners. One of the key ingredients in the secret sauce of selling.

Introverts are less likely to talk over the client. They will not put in too much salt because they “feel” like it.

Most introverts like to follow a process. They will follow the recipe and keep to the 7 steps that are fundamental to closing success.

Just a few reasons why Introverts have the advantage over their extrovert colleagues.

In summary, they are naturally inclined toward 2 of the key steps of client building success.

They will “shut up” and follow a process.

Welcome to the world of revenue generation, Introverts!

When you have learned how to effectively execute the referralcreation and sales process, you are a natural winner!

And let the “I’m an Introvert” Sales Call Saboteur melt away like the Wicked Witch of the East of The Wizard of Oz fame.

Thoughts to Review:

  1. Do I harbour the “I’m an Introvert” Saboteur?
  2. Do I assume that success in revenue generation is like a secret sauce to whom only a chosen few may have access?
  3. Do I need training and development to manage my new client development successfully?