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Referral Tip #29 – The “Gift of the Gab” Saboteur

Many business professionals make the assumption that s/he must “tell” their prospect all about the wonders of doing business with them.

They think that their first visit to their prospect is all about their“performance”.

And that the “gift of the gab”, to use an old-fashioned term, is all you really need to be successful at securing new clients, aka, revenue, aka, sales.

This Sales Call Saboteur, a negative thought that does not serve the interests of the business professional, disables them before they walk into their prospect’s office.

The truth is that a posture of saying very little is the very best tact that a business professional can choose for the first visit with a prospective new client.

The “Gift of the Gab” Saboteur assumes that it is all about the performance of the business professional and they must “talk” their way into a sale.

Isn’t that the way all sales are done, holders of the “Gift of the Gab” Saboteur, may well ask?

Au contraire, the trained and strategic business professional states.

It is the business professional who says the least at the first visit with the prospect who is likely to walk out with a clear direction and a new customer relationship.

In other words, LESS is MORE.

70/30 is the guiding ratio.

70% of the time, the prospect is speaking.

30% of the time, the business professional is speaking.

The business professional is following a very well-defined and strategic series of questions, taking good notes on the answers that the prospects offers.

And feeding off those answers to help establish next steps for the prospect, while qualifying the prospect as a “fit” for the practice.

And helping the prospect to make the decision to “buy” from him or her.

Doesn’t sound a lot like what most people think happens in a sales call, does it?

As so it goes with the “Gift of the Gab” Sales Call Saboteur.

Talking a lot, with or without “style”, does not win the day with a prospect.


Following a well-defined process.

Great questions.

Moving the relationship forward with permission.

These are some of the strategies that create the foundation of a solid business relationship at the first visit.

Good bye, “Gift of The Gab” Saboteur.

You have talked your way out of the prospect’s office and, hopefully, out of the mindsets of business professionals who create new clients.

For further thoughts on effective new client development, stay tuned for the “I’m an introvert” Saboteur.

Thoughts to Review:

  1. Do I harbour the “Gift of the Gab”  Saboteur?
  2. Do I know the content of my 30% of the conversation at the first visit to a prospect?
  3. Do I need training and development to manage my new client development successfully?