How do You Create Golden Relationships?

“No man is an island” is a core principle for successful referral marketers.

(I am sure that a modern John Donne would have said “No man or woman is an island”, to auto-correct on his behalf.) 

Indeed, relationships are vital to every professional service provider’s personal and professional fulfillment and enrichment.

And referral marketing teaches that it is a mere 12% of our total relationship mix that delivers the referral goods.

What is not clear is how do you create relationships that lead to golden relationships?

The best resource that I have found for answers to this basic question is emotional intelligence experts, Bradberry and Greaves.  They tell us that, “Since you are half of any relationship, you have half of the responsibility of deepening these connections.”

The good news is that referral success is in our hands. The challenge, and the opportunity, is that many of the Bradberry and Greaves strategies also dovetail well with best referral marketing practices, delivered both on or off line.

Many of their many “relationship management” strategies also deepen relationships and help with growing a golden network.

Here are two strategies to wet your palette for this week:

1. Be Open and Be Curious

Bradberry and Greaves argue that being open and curious is fundamental to your success whether you are in a corporate role or if you own your business or practice. They suggest that being open about yourself will minimize misinterpretation about you. And being open is just one side of the equation, you need to be interested and engaged in the lives of others if you are to win at creating golden relationships.

This is an excellent posture for both networking, when you first meet people, and for referral-building, when you are growing referral relationships.

2. Enhance Your Natural Communication Style

Identifying and leveraging your personal strengths is an ongoing mantra in relationship management literature and in referral marketing best practices. Knowing who you are and sharing that truth with others provides a compelling package of strength and authenticity.

It makes you eminently referable and “good to know”.

Stay tuned for my next post when I will be reviewing more strategies that help business professionals create golden relationships.

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