Cool Tools to Support Your Referral Partners

This excerpt is taken from Susan’s and my book, Your Personal Marketing Playbook, which will be available in the summer.

Story telling is an ancient art form and the people who study these things know that ancient humans crouched around campfires together sharing stories of strength and valour, passion and pain — long before a printing press (or the internet) was ever a gleaming idea in a questing mind. A good storyteller has likely been a necessity in human society since the dawn of time and unlimited wisdom has been passed along painlessly through the vehicle of a good story.

Although the way we tell our stories has changed, their importance is just as significant today as it has always been: people are far more engaged by a good story well told than they are by a simple collection of facts packed together in an orderly row. As most of us know, life (and business) is anything but consistently orderly and the lyrical surprises inherent in a good story catch our attention like nothing else can.

Which doesn’t mean that the stories you want to tell about your business are epic romances or imaginative swashbucklers. Your online marketing stories need to be focused on helping your potential customers understand your product or service while lightening their load in some way. They are an opportunity to support your referral marketing sources and partners develop deeper relationships with them, and they represent an opportunity to prove that the good things your sources are saying about you are true. In upping your content game, you are enhancing the reputation of your referral sources and partners because, as ever, birds of a feather flock together.

How do you tell your business stories? Here are some ideas:

• A website that is designed to support all of your personal marketing endeavours
• Regular blog postings
• Downloadable templates or white paper
• An e-newsletter/email marketing program
• Informational videos
• Free audio recordings
• Case studies about the problems you solve
• Checklists to help people improve a process
• Social media posts that point people to pertinent articles written by you or someone else
• LinkedIn activity
• YouTube videos
• Slideshare presentations
• Podcasts

Do any of the above tools resonate with you? Now is a very good time to consider creating any one of these cool online tools to support your referral marketing message.

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