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8 Steps to Your Referral Golden Goose

A referral partnership is the most important business relationship that any business professional can foster. You want to develop these partnerships with people who have a generous spirit and an approach to the world that is full of abundance. After all, it is hoped that you will be living with ... Read More

The Pure Gold in Your Network

Many business professionals are reluctant to pursue referral marketing because they feel that creating referrals takes a long time. Let us examine this assumption – do referrals have to take a long time? No they do not. Not if you have developed relationships that are in the Golden 12%. In ... Read More

A Tool for Finding the Awesome 12% of Your Network

The Referral Relationship Assessment Tool   Are you familiar with the Referral Relationship Assessment Tool? It’s a diagnostic tool for determining if you and a member of your network are a good fit for learning more about each other’s business and moving to the next phase of your referral relationship. Dr. ... Read More

Are You Going for Gold?

More Strategies for Growing Golden Referral Relationships   Referral marketing best practices are also relationship management best practices. By following these practices, business professionals have every reason to believe that they will enjoy success in life, love and business. Let’s further explore how emotional intelligence experts, Bradberry and Greaves, break ... Read More

How do You Create Golden Relationships?

“No man is an island” is a core principle for successful referral marketers. (I am sure that a modern John Donne would have said “No man or woman is an island”, to auto-correct on his behalf.)  Indeed, relationships are vital to every professional service provider’s personal and professional fulfillment and ... Read More

Back to Business: Referral Relationships for the Long Haul

By Paula Hope In the long run, it is the high quality relationships developed over the long haul that really serve you when you are growing your business or practice by referral. When you have the right people on your referral bus, folks with great relationship management skills, you have a much better shot ... Read More

Are You Socially Aware? Could You Use Some New Strategies?

Are You Socially Aware? Could You Use Some New Strategies?   As the holiday season progresses and you check off all of the events and gatherings that you  attend with friends, family and referral partners, it might be a good time to review your “social awareness” skills. Today’s tip identifies ... Read More

7+ Strategies for Social Awareness Excellence

7+ Strategies for Social Awareness Excellence   Social Awareness Excellence = Social Capital Wealth Social Capital Wealth = Deep Trust Deep Trust+ Business Knowledge+ Referral Marketing = Amazing Referrals Social awareness is “centered on your ability to recognize and understand the emotions of others.” Social awareness excellence means that you ... Read More