Creating a Rainmaker Culture

Creating a Rainmaker Culture Want to create a referral culture at your organization or between your own ears? Here are a few tips to start your week, 1) Embrace relationship building as your ongoing personal habit. Make sure that you are investing 20-25 hours a week on any activity that ... Read More

Becoming a Rainmaker

Becoming a Rainmaker I was in my early twenties and I was thrilled to have my own car. I could not believe it. I was a recent university graduate, and I already had my own brand-ne-e-w, sky blu-u-e, Monte Carlo. I was so proud of myself and I felt that ... Read More

The “I’m an Introvert” Saboteur

Referral Tip #30 – The “I’m an Introvert” Saboteur Last week’s “Gift of the Gab” Sales Call Saboteur addressed the myth that business professionals need to have the “Gift of the Gab” in order to succeed at creating new clients for their practice. We established in the tip that, in ... Read More