Is It time?… For A Case Study About Your Business?

Well, is it? To inspire you, please have a look at the introduction from the about-to-be-released case study that Liquid Capital and Booked Solid developed together. This unique case study highlights the amazing results that many principals experienced from the Booked Solid program that was designed to help them grow ... Read More

The Power of Hosting Your Own Event

The excitement and warmth emanating from the guests that I met at Ernane Iung’s business and book launch in Orlando this week was palpable.   You could see how happy they were for him and how much they wished him well. It was wonderful to be a witness to this ... Read More

What Stops Referrals for Business Professionals?

What Stops Referrals for Business Professionals What about Francesca, who already has four out of 10 Sales Saboteurs? Relatively new to the role of independent business professional, Francesca had not had as much time to bury herself in Sales and Referral Saboteurs. However, her inexperience with networking had already created ... Read More

The Saboteurs That Haunt Professional Service Providers

The Saboteurs That Haunt Professional Service Providers Francesca, a character in my book, Stop the Saboteurs: Conquer Negative Thoughts that Hurt Your Revenue and Your Brand, represents all professional service providers who are launching their own practices within or without a corporate environment. These are the people that I refer to ... Read More

Francesca, The Corporate Refugee, Meets the Saboteurs

Francesca, The Corporate Refugee, Meets the Saboteurs It was time for Francesca, the corporate refugee, to learn more about the Saboteurs, those negative thoughts that were getting in the way of the successful launch of her recently acquired engineering services practice. Hurts = Saboteurs A crucial consideration when confronting the ... Read More

What Happens Overnight When You are the Brand?

What Happens Overnight When You Are The Brand Remember Francesca from last week’s tip? She was the corporate refugee who had left the corporate world to open her own professional services firm. Francesca had been supported by a big brand for many years and she was going to have to ... Read More

The Tale of Francesca, the Corporate Refugee

The Tale of Francesca, the Corporate Refugee Francesca sought me out. She was worried. She had been in the corporate world for many years and had become very tired of it. She had recently purchased an engineering consulting business and failure was not an option. As a professional engineer, however, ... Read More

The Real Battle for Professionals?

The Real Battle for Business Professionals? Last week’s tip addressed the “Rainmaker Blues”. We identified the reality that negative thoughts, our Saboteurs, hobble new business growth and prevent business professionals from really enjoying new business development activities. This week’s tip is an introduction to the real battle that business professionals ... Read More

Rainmaker Blues

Rainmaker Blues What happens when rain does not fall for a professional service provider? Here’s a glimpse into moments of my “private hell” of some years ago that you may or may not recognize in your world… I discovered that I was not alone in my despair as a professional ... Read More