The 5 Misconceptions of Networking

I thought that you might enjoy Herminia Ibarra’s article from HBR on the 5 Misconceptions of Networking. It is intriguing to me to see that HBR is taking more of an interest in networking, and by extension, referral marketing. Here is Herminia’s article with some editing by me to shorten ... Read More

The Real Secret for Hosting Successful Networking Events?

Recently I attended a summer networking event that has a sterling reputation for being one of the most valuable networking events of its sector. The leaders of this excellent event are professional service providers to the franchise sector who have overcome challenges that would have stopped many other event hosts ... Read More

The Quickest Way to a High Quality Referral

A high quality referral is a business opportunity, generated by a third party, who transfers a high level of trust to the vendor. Referrals with this level of transferred trust close easily and quickly, with little or no price sensitivity from the prospect. A very efficient way to do business! ... Read More

10 Best Networking Practices for the Summer

Solid new business development growth is all about making daily, effective deposits of activity into your new business funnel every day. Consistent and Targeted Activity Daily = Consistent Revenue Summer is opportunity time for new business development. 10 Best Practices to Build Your Credibility with Your Network During the Summer: ... Read More

A Corporate Referral Story

My best referral story happened in the corporate world. I call it “A Cup of Coffee with Kevin”. As a distinctive and well-respected supplier to a major super store in our product category, it was my pleasure to lead the team that received special privileges as our super store customer ... Read More

The “VISION” Thing

By Paula Hope “It’s the vision thing”, as George H.W. Bush lamented many decades ago during a challenging moment. It is no different for business professionals; their success in business development is all about the “vision thing.” It is so important to have a vision for your business. Are you ... Read More

The Power of PASSION

Passion, once such a forbidden topic, has become an important word in the business dictionary. This word, banned in the Victorian era, is now being used on Canadian milk cartons brought to us by a major supplier of dairy foods, Saputo. “Our New Look Reflects Our Passion” is the proud ... Read More