Are the Saboteurs Having a Heyday in Your Head?

It is a wonderful thing to be ambitious. And aspire to new levels.

To set a goal plus add a stretch – just to really challenge yourself.

Have you ever noticed that when you are stepping into a new role or position in your firm or your family that your Saboteurs, your negative thoughts, go on a rampage?

Do you find that you have more unhelpful thoughts (than usual) that try to get in your way?

Thoughts such as:

“Should I really do this?” 

“Can I do this?”

“What am I doing anyway?”

My analogy for stepping into a brand new role is like “growing a new skin”. I have reached back into my book, Stop the Saboteurs: Conquer Negative Thoughts that Hurt Your Revenue and Your Brand, to provide you with a summary of strategies for wrestling these Saboteurs to the ground while enjoying a beautiful calm as you step into your new role.


Here are some antidotes to the Saboteurs that you might want to try when going to the next level:

  • Manage and Anticipate Your Negative Thoughts. When you are moving forward into a new role, expect that you will have more negative thoughts and isolate them when they arrive. Examine them for fairness, write the negative thought(s) on a piece of paper and rip it up. It is amazing how effective this act can be. The human brain thinks in symbols. When you rip up the paper, you are disposing of the thought. Surprising, I know.
  • Take Better Care of Yourself. “The Saboteurs cannot find a home in a healthy body”, according to my book. Make sure that you get more sleep to cope with your career or role change and ramp up your exercise regime. Work out more, play more sports.
  • Love Yourself with These Strategies. Dr. Laura Crawford, ND, gives some wonderful advice about managing and expunging the Saboteurs. In Stop the Saboteurs, her list of interventions for dealing with the Saboteurs include: take 10 minutes to experience nature, take breaks to breathe deeply, listen to music, be creative, watch your hormones and digestive system to build up your immunity and strength and take energy nutrients.
  • Hire A Coach. Coaches are there to help you through challenging times and even during not-so-challenging times. When the Saboteurs are having their way with you, along with your coach, you can talk out your fears and concerns, create strategies together to address them and develop a plan for moving forward. You are not alone with the Saboteurs when you have a coach.

The Saboteurs, those negative thoughts that can hold you back, do not have to be a part of your inner landscape. Be particularly mindful of their vengeful ways when you are going to the next level. And make sure that they do not run your show.

And never stop stretching.

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