7+ Strategies for Social Awareness Excellence

7+ Strategies for Social Awareness Excellence
Social Awareness Excellence = Social Capital Wealth
Social Capital Wealth = Deep Trust
Deep Trust+ Business Knowledge+ Referral Marketing = Amazing Referrals
Social awareness is “centered on your ability to recognize and understand the emotions of others.” Social awareness excellence means that you have developed your social awareness ability to the point that it is a real asset to your personality, and your network.
When you are socially aware, your network members  can trust you in social situations to “read” social interactions and respond wisely.
Here are 7 + strategies recommended by Bradberry and Greaves to grow your social awareness skills and become an even more skilled networker and purveyor of social awareness excellence,
1)     Greet People by Name – Networking 101, I know. At the same time, how many people strive to learn names of new members of their network? Not many. Give the gift of remembering people’s names by focusing on this small action in 2018. Be sure to use their name 2-3 times when speaking with them to help embed their name.
2)     Watch Body Language – Be like a poker player and become a master of watching body language. You will be able to fully understand what people are really feeling and govern yourself accordingly. The eyes are especially important. Then, the smile. And the entire body. Where is the alignment? Where are the disconnections?
3) Make Timing Everything – “When dealing with people and their emotions, timing really is everything. You don’t ask for a raise when business is not going well, you don’t try to correct someone who feels threatened by you and you don’t ask for a favour when someone is under a lot of stress or angry”. The key is focusing on others and asking great questions.
4)     Develop a Back Pocket Question – Speaking of good questions, how about having a back pocket question for those awkward moments of silence? One possibility is a question, that does not include anything controversial, that starts with “What do you think about…? At business networking events, a back pocket question that is often used is “How did you get into your business?” What will be your back pocket question?
5)     Don’t Take Notes at Meetings – As an addicted note-taker, my head shot up at this piece of advice. Apparently, high quality social awareness requires complete dedication during meetings. B & G suggest “At your next meeting, don’t take notes. Instead, look at each person’s face and notice his or her expressions. Make eye contact with whomever is speaking. You will feel more engaged and focused on others, and pick up on things that pen and paper surely miss.”
6)     Plan Ahead for Social Gatherings – Another Networking 101 point. “If you walk through the door with a plan, you free up your mental energy and brainpower so you can focus on the present moment.”
7)     Clear Away the Clutter – Clear the clutter in your mind, first of all. ” Remind yourself that you are in the conversation to listen and learn something, not to wow the other person with your insightful remarks. As you continue to be aware of your clutter and clear it, you’ll become better at quieting your inner thoughts, and your listening skills will sharpen.” Out with the Saboteurs!
8)     Live in the Moment.. Give yourself and your network members, the gift of your full presence.
Let’s pick up on “Live in the Moment” when we start next week’s tip.
We will have 10 more strategies to help with developing your social awareness.
Try at least one strategy this week!

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