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Are Your Picking up the Right Signals from Your Network? An Introduction to Social Awareness…

Are You Picking Up the Right Signals from Your Network? An Introduction to Social Awareness…
You can readily recognize the person with excellent social awareness – the coworker who knows just when to approach you with a difficult challenge or the server who knows exactly how to treat you and your partner when you go out for a quiet dinner together.
These socially aware individuals are really valuable to their organizations.
Being and finding socially aware people can make such a difference when creating your own organization. You, the socially aware referral generator and receiver, can create a  really high quality, highly responsive network by surrounding yourself with socially aware individuals. And being a socially aware person, yourself.
Bradberry and Greaves in Emotional Intelligence 2.0 introduce the topic of social awareness in the following excerpts from their chapter on “Social Awareness Strategies”,
“Instead of looking inward to learn about and understand yourself, social awareness is looking outward to learn and appreciate others. Social awareness is centered on your ability to recognize and understand the emotions of others. Tuning into others’ emotions as you interact with them will help you get a more accurate view of your surroundings, which affects everything from relationships to the bottom line.
To build your social awareness skills, you will find yourself observing people in all kinds of situations. You may be observing someone from afar while you’re in a checkout line, or you may be right in the middle of a conversation observing the person to whom you are speaking. You will learn to pick up on body language, facial expressions, postures, tone of voice, and even what is hidden beneath the surface, like deeper emotions and thoughts…
The lens you look through must be clear. Making sure that you are present and able to give others your full attention is the first step to becoming more socially aware. Looking outward isn’t just about using your eyes: it means tapping into your senses. Not only can you fully utilize your basic five senses, but you can also include the vast amount of information coming from your brain through your sixth sense, your emotions. Your emotions can help you notice and interpret cues other people send you. These cues give you some help in putting yourself in the other person’s shoes.”
Next week’s tip will review the first set of strategies to create social awareness. Some of the strategy titles are fascinating, including “Make Timing Everything”, “Don’t Take Notes at Meetings” and “Go on a 15 minute Tour”.

Hmmm, lots to unpack even before the winter holiday begins.

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