Are the Right People on Your Referral Bus?

How important is it to choose the right people on your referral bus?
Very Important. Critical. Trés important. Muy importante.
The right people in your network fit the following description:
They know you well, like you and trust you.
They know a lot about your business and have a high regard for your services and products.
They are your raving fans. They are ready to create proactive referrals and talk about the benefits of working with you, without prompting. They are excited about your business and are ready to share their belief in you with members of their network.
Finding these precious people is a foundational principle of referral marketing.
If you can identify and optimize 8-10 members of your network who fit these relationship parameters, you will thrive and create abundance for yourself and your network members.
The key activity for success for growing your business by referral, therefore, is to identify these high quality people and to focus on them.
And consciously dedicate time to them…
By helping them whenever possible.
Learn about their business and…
Support them whenever possible.
So, who do you know who is in your network who is a raving fan? Or who could be developed into a raving fan with a little time and attention?
Is it time to discover the secret gold in your network and mine these precious members of your network to help you while you help them?
Imagine the possibilities of collaborating to build one another’s business – both on and off line.
Quality over Quantity. Always.

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