What Goes Into Getting Clear on Your Brand?

Excerpt from
Your Personal Marketing Playbook, by Susan Crossman and Paula Hope
As a small business where every dollar counts, you have to start conversations that might lead to a sale with the people who are likely to buy what you’re selling. “Everybody” doesn’t need what you offer. But your ideal customer is eagerly scanning the horizon of their world hoping you will show up in it someday. THOSE are the people your marketing should be targeting, so you can maximize your chances of finding them.
What Goes into Getting Clear on Your Brand?
It does take some time and effort to do this work and whether you plan to coordinate it all internally, or hire someone else to do the leg work for you, it’s probably helpful to get guidance from a branding expert. They know the questions to ask and they are quite often experts in graphic design, which is a key element of your brand expression. Their assistance will be helpful because your brand requires you to get clear on:
  • Your ideal customer
  • Your company’s values
  • Your company’s “personality”
  • Your vision for your company
  • The issues that differentiate your company from your competition
  • The main benefits of your products or services
  • The ways in which your business better than other companies
  • The ways in which other companies are better than yours
  • The things other companies are doing that you could do be doing too -with your own “twist”
  • The areas of excellence that you don’t tell people about
  • Your customer’s values
  • The products or services that you want to grow
  • The products or services that you should consider dropping
  • The products or services your customers love
  • The products or services your customers don’t care about
  • The aspects of your business that your customers love
  • The aspects of your business that your customers wish you would improve
  • What you could do to improve your marketing
  • The visual imagery that is likely to appeal to your ideal customers
That’s an exhausting list, isn’t it? The point of acquiring all that information is so you can package it up into marketing materials-your logo, your website, your brochures, your online content and anything you’re your company produces to speak for it-that will immediately appeal to your ideal customers.

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