Is It time?… For A Case Study About Your Business?

Well, is it?
To inspire you, please have a look at the introduction from the about-to-be-released case study that Liquid Capital and Booked Solid developed together. This unique case study highlights the amazing results that many principals experienced from the Booked Solid program that was designed to help them grow their networking and referral-building skills and create the revenue that they deserve.
Capitalizing on Success
A Company with a Conundrum
Brian Birnbaum sat across from Booked Solid CEO Paula Hope and listened intently. As one of the three founders of Liquid Capital, he had a ridiculously busy schedule and an endless to-do list. He also had a big challenge: as a company with high standards and expectations, Liquid Capital wanted its new business development training to help franchisees generate more dramatic results. Many were finding that it was taking them longer than expected to generate the sales they desired and this was resulting in high levels of frustration and poor validation phone calls. The company was in a conundrum over what to do next.
The Referral Marketing Solution
In an industry where more than 90% of the business is generated by referral, few of the new Liquid Capital franchisees had a history of networking success-or a sales background-and most were new to the challenge of generating their own revenue.
“One of our principals had engaged Paula to help him develop his network.” Birnbaum recalls. “When he told me he wanted me to meet Paula, I said, ‘get her to send me some brochures.'”
Instead, Jonathan Brindley insisted on making a face-to-face introduction and he was personally present at the first meeting between Hope and Birnbaum. He introduced Hope, explained her background, and detailed how she was making a difference to his-and the company’s-bottom line.
Birnbaum was so impressed with this personal experience of Hope’s referral marketing best practicethat he hired her to train new franchisees.
Brindley is one of the many Liquid Capital franchisees who is pleased to have Hope’s help.
“As a result of Paula’s program, I started seeing the benefit and positive outcomes in my business. I had been struggling when I started and Paula had been very helpful in terms of guiding me in the right direction, coaching me along, what activities to focus on and what activities to stop doing. My results are well beyond my expectations.” …
One more snippet, for your consideration…
Drawing on decades of elite experience in adult education, coaching and referral marketing, Hope developed a customized program that delivered ongoing training and coaching of referral marketing best practices to principals in LCC’s North American network. She was appointed Chief Learning Officer of LCC, introducing the popular “speed networking” activity to the company’s annual conference.
“Liquid Capital is a financial services organization with a challenging product to market,” Hope says.  “Factoring is not well understood and other methods of new business development hadn’t worked well for the company. Referral marketing was an excellent fit for them, as it is for any professional services firm that wants to market their services in an authentic and customer-friendly manner while helping the members of the team develop referrals that will generate revenue for their firm.”
Banking on Results
Liquid Capital principals give a strong “thumbs up” to Paula Hope’s Booked Solid program, notably because it has:
  • Helped the company experience year over year sales increases of almost 50%
  • Helped ensure substantially higher retention of new and established principals
  • Helped some principals “resuscitate” their franchises to the point where they are now sales leaders in Canada and the USA
What’s more, Booked Solid participants are heavily represented in the Top 10 list of sales performers in Canada and the USA. Many principals have reached personal and business goals that they had never previously dreamed of attaining.
What do you think? Is it time for a case study for your business? And to help your network promote you?
More on case studies as a valuable tool for your network in next week’s tip!

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