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Personal Marketing and The Big Picture Topics for You and Your Business

Like marriages, there are many reasons why businesses fail.
And the reasons for the high failure rate of both businesses and marriages (between 50% -60% for both enterprises) has to do with the same challenge.  The failure to create “The Big Picture” for their relationship or business.   In marriages, statistics show that couples do not have the ongoing critical conversations about “THE BIG PICTURE” topics that will ensure the healthy development of their marriage. In business, entrepreneurs do not have enough critical conversations with themselves, and their business, on the “THE BIG PICTURE” topics, as well.
While I cannot help you with marriage advice, I can point you in the right direction about “THE BIG PICTURE” conversations that you need to have about, and with, you and your business.
To assist with this task, Susan and I have brought in the Planning Ladder in our upcoming book, Your Personal Marketing Playbook. The Planning Ladder neatly outlines all of the topics for which you require clear answers before you move forward in your business with any actions, on or off line.  In a “bricks and clicks” world, it is so easy to become caught up in the actions of promoting your business without engaging in the higher order of the “Planning Ladder” which includes eight areas to address in your business,
With the Planning Ladder, you will note that “Actions” happen only once you have fulfilled all of the 5 other areas that require focus and alignment of your personal and business aspirations and goals.
Let’s break down each one of the 8 elements of the Planning Ladder into bite-sized pieces over the next several Monday Morning Referral Tips.

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