The Power of Hosting Your Own Event

The excitement and warmth emanating from the guests that I met at Ernane Iung’s business and book launch in Orlando this week was palpable.
You could see how happy they were for him and how much they wished him well. It was wonderful to be a witness to this powerful moment.
It prompted me to write this tip in honour of Ernane, his book and his network. The warmth and depth of Ernane’s network is an amazing accomplishment considering that Ernane and his family arrived in Orlando exactly one short year ago.
As Ernane puts it, he executed on a key referral marketing concept, “I gave everywhere and to whom I could. I gave and gave and now my network gives back to me”.
And so the choice of today’s topic: The power of hosting your own event. Yet another way to give…
At least once a year, many of my clients hold an event for members of their network.
It is a very effective platform for achieving the following objectives including,
1)     Keeping in touch with vital members of their network.
Even the golden geese who lay golden referral eggs appreciate ongoing contact and an attitude of gratitude from their referral sources and partners. And they especially appreciate rubbing shoulders with valued members of their partner’s network in order that they may make valuable and qualified introductions through them. Who would not appreciate the painless expansion of their network while being recognized and thanked by a treasured member of their network?
2)     Thank members of your network for their help during the year.
As long term tip followers know, giving is the best new business development strategy that you can employ – both on and off line. By inviting key and new members of your network to enjoy one another’s company and by adding to their knowledge with cutting edge content delivered at a well-planned event designed to provide a warm and memorable experience, you will be showing members of your network that you are grateful for their continued support. The operative word “continued” underlines the most important concept. If you would like to enjoy ongoing referrals, be sure to show your ongoing gratitude. 
3)     You can add to your profile as a subject matter expert
As part of providing valuable content at your event, you can also add to your own profile as a subject matter expert. How about sharing your new content by launching a case study, white paper, or even, your book, at your next event? It is an excellent way to provide yourself with a new platform as well as an enhanced profile as the subject matter expert.
As you lay out your plans for this fall, please do consider hosting your own event. You will find that it will provide powerful dividends to you and your network for a long time.

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