Francesca, The Corporate Refugee, Meets the Saboteurs

Francesca, The Corporate Refugee, Meets the Saboteurs
It was time for Francesca, the corporate refugee, to learn more about the Saboteurs, those negative thoughts that were getting in the way of the successful launch of her recently acquired engineering services practice.
Hurts = Saboteurs
A crucial consideration when confronting the Saboteurs is that many people have some outstanding, unprocessed “hurts”, sometimes from long ago, that have not been addressed and or resolved. I call these hurts the “Personal Saboteurs,” negative thoughts that arise from the wounds of childhood.
For example, a child, Jimmy, was told both at school and at home that he did not sing well. So he stopped singing in spite of the fact that he really loved to sing. As he grew older, Jimmy did not seek out opportunities to learn about music or pursue music as a hobby. Later on in Jimmy’s life, this hurt manifested itself as a “Personal Saboteur,” that had grown to the point where Jimmy was not able to share his message at all: even in adulthood, his voice was “not good enough.”
 We protect ourselves by burying these hurts. It’s too overwhelming to deal with our wounds at once. So our subconscious mind “presents” these hurts when we are ready. Unfortunately, as time passes, these small hurts grow and expand, becoming generalized and dangerous Personal Saboteurs that can take us over and undermine our best intentions, as they did with Jimmy.
In times of transition and vulnerability, such as when you start your own business, and become the brand, all of your hurts and wounds become due. Or worse, overdue. It is as if all of your unprocessed pain becomes a collection of overdue bills which suddenly must be paid-now. Francesca was in such a vulnerable moment in her life.
As you adopt an entirely new skin, that of the professional service provider who lives by your wits, your unresolved past doubts and insecurities bubble straight to the surface. Meanwhile, as a newly arrived business professional, you must put yourself out there every day, offering sound advice, wisdom and personality for the scrutiny of the entire marketplace; it can feel like a vulnerable place from which to operate. Your revenue is now directly tied to whether the personal skills you offer are accepted and valued by your prospects. The natural question to ask is, “Do I measure up?”
If we are harbouring old, unresolved hurts, we will more likely listen to that familiar negative voice that tells us that we’re not good enough…for whatever reason. That Personal Saboteur will send us self-defeating messages that we very naturally listen to and allow to become self-fulfilling prophecies that hold us back from the very vision of success we crave. And so, clearly, we need to sort out these pains before we can move forward with confidence.
Two journalists, Katty Kay and Clare Shipman, recently studied the topic of confidence in their book, The Confidence Code, and concluded that, “Confidence is the stuff between moving our thoughts into action.” If our thoughts are not entirely clear, it will have a direct impact on our confidence, and on our ability to demonstrate conviction to our network and, most of all, to ourselves.
Conviction = Results
The more confident you are, the more convincing you are. Greater conviction means stronger results.
What has come to fascinate me over my years of training and coaching business professionals is the exact precision of this equation. Your inner world does matter, critically, to your business success. Especially when you are the brand. In fact, I have come to the conclusion that there is a perfect relationship between how you are feeling about yourself and the results that you see in your business, and your brand.
Assume that you are a confident business professional, firing on all pistons, with very few Saboteurs. You are at 94.2 per cent of your potential. Your business results will directly reflect that 94.2 per cent and you will enjoy revenue levels that are 94.2 per cent of your potential.
Unfortunately, as I discovered with my clients and with my own experience, this equation also holds true when you turn the prism and things are not going well for you, internally. If you have suffered a personal blow like a divorce or sad life event, or you are suffering from low energy due to diet or burnout, your business results will provide a mirror to your inner world.
In reality, working with only 59.5 per cent of your full personal potential turns out revenue results that are 59.5 per cent of your real potential. Ouch! Earning 60 per cent of your planned revenue for the year is not exactly what you signed up for when you started your business or practice. And that 40 per cent drop in earnings will only add or create new problems.
Francesca would need to make sure that she had sent her Personal Saboteurs packing and that they would not be in the way of the launch of her new practice.
Curated Excerpt from my book, Stop the Saboteurs: Conquer Negative Thoughts that Hurt Your Revenue and Your Brand

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