What Happens Overnight When You are the Brand?

What Happens Overnight When You Are The Brand
Remember Francesca from last week’s tip? She was the corporate refugee who had left the corporate world to open her own professional services firm.
Francesca had been supported by a big brand for many years and she was going to have to make a crucial switch in mindset. As a “corporate refugee,” she would need to learn about embracing her own brand, and leave all of the comforts and validation that a well-established brand provides to its employees and customers. Francesca was taking a huge leap and the Saboteurs would be looking for her.
We, Francesca and I, needed to expose these Saboteurs as soon as possible, before they found her. Francesca’s livelihood, and life, depended on it.
What Happens When You Are the Brand?
Everyone has Saboteurs. Although we are rational beings, the human condition, by definition, includes negative thoughts. According to scientific research, approximately 70-80 per cent of our 50,000 daily thoughts are negative.
Seventy to 80 per cent! That’s a lot of negative thoughts. And, yes, there are many places you can go with those negative thoughts. The secret to revenue success is to manage your Saboteurs. Especially at the times when you are most vulnerable, such as during major life events like:
  • marriage, divorce or the death of a loved one;
  • transitions of all kinds, including promotions, demotions, moving homes and the arrival of new family members and
  • when you start or buy a new business or franchise.
All of these events represent change. Change challenges us. And while we are going through major change, we are creating a new world for ourselves. And that is not easy. As Prince Machiavelli would put it if he were in this conversation, “There is nothing more difficult to take in hand, more perilous to conduct, or more uncertain in its success, than to take the lead in the introduction of a new order of things.”
When you become the brand, you are embracing more than a new business. You are “taking the lead in the introduction of a new order of things.” You are creating a new entity: You as the brand.
In other words, you are relating to yourself in a way that you have never done before. Your fundamental relationship with yourself becomes different, as luck would have it, just as you are launching your business, wanting and needing, so much, for it to be a success. You and your lifestyle are depending on it. It’s a perfect storm of stress.
Thanks, a business professional might say, an identity crisis, when I least need it. It’s true, and it’s not fair. Here’s the reality: You are now looking at yourself through the eyes of a customer and wondering, “Would I buy from me?” This can be a very uncomfortable question when you are just starting out on your own as a business professional and you are still forming your business proposition. The answer may well be, in all honesty, “No, I would not buy from me.”
Why would you be coming up with such a negative and counterproductive answer about your own business?
Because you have yet to become the brand. There is a process that you must pursue. And it starts within you. You need to convince yourself that you deserve the business before you can convince prospects and your network.
This was the key dragon that Francesca needed to slay.
Next week’s tip will tell the tale of how Francesca figures out which Saboteurs to slay.

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