The Real Battle for Professionals?

The Real Battle for Business Professionals?
Last week’s tip addressed the “Rainmaker Blues”. We identified the reality that negative thoughts, our Saboteurs, hobble new business growth and prevent business professionals from really enjoying new business development activities.
This week’s tip is an introduction to the real battle that business professionals face. The one between their ears…
The Monday Morning Referral Tips that you will be reviewing during this summer of 2017 are dedicated to all business professionals who have felt immobilizing moments of fear and self-doubt when creating their your own revenue.
It is important to note that these paralyzing fears can and do present themselves to everyone when they become the brand.
The real battle is truly within your own mind.
By exposing these Saboteurs to the light of day, by giving them names and cages, it is my plan to help my readers to use their courage with the Saboteurs and  contain them and, ultimately, render them impotent.
The Saboteurs are wily and subversive, and their challenges can be complex; that means you need to develop all-encompassing solutions for the troubles they cause.
The Monday Morning Referral Tips will be providing more on the solutions, for now, suffice to say that there is much-needed help available to manage this internal battlefield.
Business professionals need to seek out all the assistance that they can get.
These are perilous waters.
For those who have the courage to live by their wits and embrace the world where “you are the brand,” I want you to know that you are never alone.
Curated Excerpt from Stop The Saboteurs: Conquer Negative Thoughts that Hurt Your Revenue and Your Brand, written by Paula Hope

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