Creating a Rainmaker Culture

Creating a Rainmaker Culture
Want to create a referral culture at your organization or between your own ears? Here are a few tips to start your week,
1) Embrace relationship building as your ongoing personal habit. Make sure that you are investing 20-25 hours a week on any activity that provides you with the opportunity to meet new people or to deepen your relationships.
These activities can range from summer barbecues, golf games or formal networking events. If you are leading a professional firm, incent your colleagues for their referral-building activities.
2) Do set personal goals for your weekly relationship- building activities. How many hours did you invest this week? And do set goals for number of hours per week of relationship-building activities with members of your professional service team.
3) Set goals for the number  of referrals that you will give every month.  Track the number and quality of referrals that you receive. And from whom. If you are a leader of a professional service team, ask your colleagues to report on these metrics and reward them accordingly.
4) Be sure to go deep with your network by committing to 2-3 meetings per week where you have a 1:1 meeting with valuable members of your network. Encourage your professional service team members to do the same.These 1:1 meetings build trust. Trust is the lifeblood of referrals.
Always keep in mind that relationship- building, and the resulting referrals, is a highly personal activity. Your referral sources need time with you to build trust and create referrals.
Here’s the most effective formula for creating a referral culture at a professional services firm or between your ears:
Strong relationships= Strong referrals.
Stay tuned for more on creating a referral culture in next week’ s tip.

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