10 Best Networking Practices for the Summer

Solid new business development growth is all about making daily, effective deposits of activity into your new business funnel every day.

Consistent and Targeted Activity Daily = Consistent Revenue

Summer is opportunity time for new business development.

10 Best Practices to Build Your Credibility with Your Network During the Summer:

1) Embrace the mindset that new business development activities, both on and off line, continue to be a daily affair.

2) Track your daily activities to ensure that you are making deposits into your network every weekday. (You are usually building your network on weekends, whether you recognize it or not.)

3) Commit to a minimum of 2-3 on and/or off line new business development activities per week day.

4) Select activities that are fun for you, that motivate you to keep to a daily schedule.

5) Learn about the on and off line activities that will really work for you and your network.

6) Do have a monthly or quarterly educational event that sustains your proactive momentum during the distracting time.

7) Join a networking group that meets weekly throughout the summer period. You will be grateful for its ability to keep you in the loop and always moving forward.

8) Join a committee that supports your values and business goals, with members of your network who share your target market. Summer meetings are required for fall projects.

9) Meet with members of your network for coffee as much as possible. Remember a coffee meeting with the right member of your network is the Best Networking!

10) Keep in touch with your clients and past customers.

Following these 10 Best Practices will ensure that you do not fall off the new business development wagon and have an empty funnel in the fall!

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