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Learn more about achieving the lifestyle of your dreams by growing your practice with well-qualified and easily closed referrals.

The Want More and Better Referrals for Your Practice in 2022 is a complimentary mini program that provides you with valuable lessons on how you can create the revenue you deserve by referral.

Over the next few weeks, watch for videos, articles and surprise bonuses leading up to a special engaging and value-packed live session on Wednesday, January 26th at 11 am EST, facilitated by referral marketing expert, Paula Hope, CEO of Booked Solid.

The Want More and Better Referrals mini program, and its powerful materials, are designed to answer important questions such as,

1)     Is it possible for me to build an effective referral network during Covid?

2)     What about those nagging negative thoughts that get in my way when I think about networking and referrals?

3)     How do I create a thriving practice built solely on referrals?

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At Booked Solid, we uncover all of the next steps to grow your revenue by growing your referral, networking and sales closing skills.

And Stop the Saboteurs forever!

Those next steps may include the following possibilities:

  • Learning more about my new book, Stop the Saboteurs: Conquer Negative Thoughts that Hurt Your Revenue and Your Brand- link
  • Reviewing the Monday Morning Referral Tip samples and, if they resonate with you, signing up to receive your tip for your personal support every Monday morning

Stop The Saboteurs –
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Paula Hope’s breakthrough book Stop the Saboteurs helps readers identify and overcome the self-defeating negative thoughts – the Saboteurs – that all too often invade our minds, undermine our ability to create the revenue that we deserve and damage the brand we’re trying to build. Stop the Saboteurs provides solutions towards conquering these self-destructive fears that get in the way of our new business growth. Want to end self-limitations and achieve great success? This is the book you need.

Referral Tips

What is the biggest challenge that professional service providers face as sole practitioners, or as team members of a professional service firm?

Creating Revenue.

Paula Hope, MA, Adult Education Specialist, NLP Practitioner and Referral Coach is Canada’s expert in helping business professionals and their firms be booked solid. Paula delights in coaching and training professionals to grow their practice or business, by growing themselves. Paula published the Monday Morning Referral Tips every week to help business owners Create More Revenue. Sign Up Today!

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